9/12 March On D.C.

9/12 March On D.C.
2009, What A Year !

Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of Division

After this SOTU address, I am ready to go on a comedy tour. I can just repeat verbatim what Obama has, even use a teleprompter, and get laughs all the way to the bank, stardom, ect.

Hint-somebody otta' do this.

This man, this man-boy, this man-child, has a serious problem with America, as a concept, America, as a group of individuals in pursuit of happiness, and reality, as you, I , and most others, are familiar with.

If I could just break this down to its atomic structure its this: Step aside Supreme Court, step aside 'you, the people', step aside Republican blocade, I am the one man steamroller on the side of the Rightous Leftism you will all be force fed if need be.

Even if I hated the Supreme Court in total, or that their decision was the complete opposite, and a better President had said what he said to SCOTUS, I would have been livid. This was as unprofessional a speech as I have heard in a long time, perhaps since Andrew Dice Clay, only not funny, at all.

This is a Leftist, unhinged, in power, but falling fast. Desperate to stop the downward spiral motion he is feeling in his gut, but which is just now sinking into his brain. But hes "not a quitter", so we can expect more of this kind of childish, Castro-esque idiocracy for some time now.

I'm mad as hell. Disgusted as hell. And ready to start shopping for that teleprompter, mabye call an agent, ect.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

From Moonbattery

The 2010 State of the Union

Monday, January 18, 2010

Libertarians & Liberty

How can Libertarians enjoy freedom from the initiation of force with no en'force'ment of the "protection" of individual rights? This is the anarchist crowd. How can Libertarians at CATO advocate free markets as Amoral, I thought capitalism was moral? Is is not? But its not immoral either? Amoral my foot, capitalism either furthers survival, or it does not. This Dewey inspired pragmatism is from the A-Political, or "lower-case" L crowd. How can a movement spend half its resources on the crusade to legalize drugs and the other half of its resources on gaining ballot access in McCain-Feingold Land, and say its all to get the GOP's attention? Or to create attention for the "issues"? That other issues are secondary? Like trillions in debt, like sectors of the economy being taken over by the government? This is the Party Purist crowd. How can we remove all troops from foreign soils, huddle back here in the states, close our eyes and say.."we are a safer nation now"? How can we send all the power in DC to the "States", and let States tyrannize the people with government running half the economy? Is that still more "Constitutional"? This is the Ron Paul Sovernity & States 'Rights' crowd (ok, I know they are Republicans technically, but thats just a technicality). Libertarians even do damage. If "Libert"arians can find a way to do damage to liberty, no wonder Republicans & Democrats do it so well, and no wonder this nation is in the crap-hole.

Democrats and liberty.

How can Democrats say we are living in a Bush recession? 75% of the government debt is now owned by this administration. How can Democrats lump together Rights to action, and include with them Rights to economic goods and services? Whos goods and services? Who has their actions restricted as a result? Thats the progressive crowd. How can Democrats claim the East "Angry-a" data is still valid, and that zero pop. growth and zero econ. growth will somehow be humane answers to cleaning up Earth, parting the seas, ect? This is the green crowd. How can Democrats use I-phones- Apple Computers-autos-clothes-medical devices-ect-ect-ect, and then go anti-trust, tax, and boycott them, all at once? This is the nihlist protest crowd. How can Democrats spend so much money trolling right wing web sites through Soros Inc. & Move-On, and not fill the seats for a speaker unless attendees are paid union people? This is the Party Hack crowd. Democrats have issues, just like Republicans. Now lets look at Libertarians next.

Republicans & Liberty

Sometimes I hear Republicans say some pretty Statist things. How can the Individual Rights of women be subordinated to the so called rights of a glob of cells fitting on the end of a pins head? Thats the so called "pro-life" crowd. How can rights come from "God", an entity not of this world, whos existence is not provable? How can Rights be defended when their source cannot be proven? They cannot. The burden of proof is on the one "making the claim" that God exists, not on me, I don't make that claim, do not ask me to prove a negative, I would rather ponder Kirkagard. So much for the Evangical crowd. How can this nation be better off if its individuals are asked to preform "shared sacrafice" and submit half their incomes to "others" based on "need"? Why do programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security keep getting "propped up" by Republicans? In what way can they be run "more efficiently"? Rationing? Deficit spending? Thats the Reagonamics/Bushonomics compassionate conservative crowd. How can a war be fought by holding the lives of our troops as equal to the lives of Afganis, Iraqis, ect? Can we win a war "on the defense ? Has any nation ever done this in history? Will we only invade "secular" countries ? Why ? To build sewers? Will roads, bridges, and sewers, built by the US, cause the enemy to cower in fear and surrender? So much for the NeoConservative crowd. Next, I will look at Democrats, and finally, Libertarians. Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Today I posted a link (below) to a lecture (multiple parts) by Dr. Craig Biddle titled " The Nature and Source of Rights ". This is an amazing lecture that anyone with an even small interest in politics, philosophy, or ethics should watch.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Socialism, its not just "inefficient".

The other day I was at work and heard something that caused the veins in my forward to bulge out so far my center of gravity was lost for a minute. I work with an interesting group of characters and a discussion ensued between a "liberal" and a "Republican", it went something like this....

Liberal: "Well...I don't see why you have to just be against all the Democrat plans, you sound like your not FOR anything."

Republican: "Well, I don't see how we can afford Obama Care and all this other spending, I mean..socialism just doesn't work, it sounds great in theory, but its just too INEFFICIENT, I like freedom, some freedom, more. Its cheaper. Its practical.


This is where the Right, the old Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich crowd, turned Left. It is why we had a horrible pragmatist, George (the free market has failed) Bush, followed logically by an explicit Left Winger elected by a fair majority, with or without ACORN/SEIU/Panther support. The Republican at work (above) accepts automatically the premise of the Left by letting the so called 'Liberal', have the higher moral ground, then in desperation, the Republican fumbles out words like "cheaper" & 'more efficient'. Here is a Republican, so beaten by media circus performances & party hacks,that he has given up essentially, and now in his own estimation,(as well as mine of course),degrades himself in short order.

If the "right" is to regain is moral high ground, it must reject notions such as the notions of...
1. We are wrong, but we can make this more efficient.
2. Shared sacrifice is noble.
3. Reaching across the aisle is the reasonable thing to do.
4. Passing a law or an amendment is the magic bullet theory, tyranny will disappear if States have more control over us, or if there are laws limiting politicians activities.
5. We just need majorities in the house & senate, then everything will be fine.

I could go on, but these are the basics I think. It is not just "the message" of the "right" that needs to be tweaked, it is the ideas and fundamental goals that are in serious need of rehabilitation. Somehow, in America, Individual Rights, The Constitution, and The Declaration Of Independence have been lost in the narrow issues. The Tea Party movement represents the disgust that has resulted from this. But the point here is that political "wins" do not translate to freedom. A fundamental understanding of government "as force" and "Individuals as sovern" needs to occur.

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