9/12 March On D.C.

9/12 March On D.C.
2009, What A Year !

Thursday, January 28, 2010

State of Division

After this SOTU address, I am ready to go on a comedy tour. I can just repeat verbatim what Obama has, even use a teleprompter, and get laughs all the way to the bank, stardom, ect.

Hint-somebody otta' do this.

This man, this man-boy, this man-child, has a serious problem with America, as a concept, America, as a group of individuals in pursuit of happiness, and reality, as you, I , and most others, are familiar with.

If I could just break this down to its atomic structure its this: Step aside Supreme Court, step aside 'you, the people', step aside Republican blocade, I am the one man steamroller on the side of the Rightous Leftism you will all be force fed if need be.

Even if I hated the Supreme Court in total, or that their decision was the complete opposite, and a better President had said what he said to SCOTUS, I would have been livid. This was as unprofessional a speech as I have heard in a long time, perhaps since Andrew Dice Clay, only not funny, at all.

This is a Leftist, unhinged, in power, but falling fast. Desperate to stop the downward spiral motion he is feeling in his gut, but which is just now sinking into his brain. But hes "not a quitter", so we can expect more of this kind of childish, Castro-esque idiocracy for some time now.

I'm mad as hell. Disgusted as hell. And ready to start shopping for that teleprompter, mabye call an agent, ect.

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  1. The arrogant dictator has spoken. He is definitely a man-boy. He is a radical leftist who was out of line when chastising the Supreme Court's ruling. He just hates it because it allows free speech for all, and does not aid in helping his cause. The man is power hungry and thinks that the American people are stupid and don't get his stipid health care "reform" bill. But, we do. We get it very much. The load of crap needs to be flushed down the tiolet.