9/12 March On D.C.

9/12 March On D.C.
2009, What A Year !

Friday, April 30, 2010

Get U.S. out of U.N.

Now that the nation of Iran is on the Commission On The Status of Women at the United Nations, its time to ask.."do we want to continue to fund and lease real estate to this entity"? A young woman was murdered in the street by Iranian police, that murder was shown online to millions. Iranian mullahs (the real leadership there) now have made it punishable, for an Iranian women to "have a tan". We allow these United Nations people to headquarter in New York City on prime real estate. We assume that if we need to defend our shores, we go through these idiots. We fund at least a third of all their activities. Where I grew up, a farmer had a barn with the following words sprayed on the roof of it..."Get US out of UN". Now mabye he was a LaRoucher or Bircher, I don't know, but years later as an adult, I had to opportunity to serve in the military, and to be a part of an overseas operation that put my detachement under direct control of a UN General. I did not like this, most of my fellow soldiers did not like this, officers and non comms did not like this, and it resulted in more injury and death to U.S. soldiers than had we otherwise remained under command of the prior General, a US Marine. Now I understand the farmers painted message atop his barn. Now, we are way beyond having any rational debate as to wether the U.S. should be in, fund, or even confer with, this disasterous organization. Its simply a tool for wack jobs from every gutter around the world, to attempt to marginalize freedom, America, true rights (individual rights), capitalism, and civilisation in general as we know and love it.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

What its like to work with union thugs.

The Unionized animal is a peculiar breed. Theres a sense of entitlement there thats worse than your typical perennial welfare case. The experienced union worker thinks that if something isn't his or her job, it should be left to whomever..but who? Blank stare. If work is piled up around this type of worker, but he or she believes they are touched with a royal sense of privilage, gained by hours and years of sitting on their ass, on the clock, those piles of work will just sit, unattended, and unaddressed, until some sap with less seniority, drenched in sweat, comes along to lift the massive burden of work from within the world view of this thug. They are not heros of production, as they may claim, they are kings of the timeclock, looters of creativity, civility, and real productive achievement. If you have worked with this type of creature, you understand what I mean. The only defense of this thuggery usually comes in the form of "job protection". Which is actually, pure horse hockey-puck. The union thug produces nothing but malinvested, disincentivized, disenfranchised, caos in any workplace. And he does it with honor, with pleasure, with the view that your existence exists to serve his sloth, his disdain for humanity, his pure hatred for the idea of "actually getting something done". Typically, these creatures stalk and drain workplace satisfaction and pleasure wherever or with whomever they detect it. They sap the morale that exists within their sphere, until their co-workers are completely devoid of any sense of meaning, devoid of any dreams of accomplishment, devoid literally of any sort of spirit. The unionized thug of today is a modern day barbarian, like the hoards of Franks, and Vikings, centuries ago. They cash in on the success of others, live and breathe off the efforts of their betters, they could not exist without someone, somewhere, who dares to actually put in a full days honest effort of work. Fellow union members who actually work understand this. They understand also that their own "union brothers" mark them as traitors when they seek productive achievement. If you are familiar with this, then you understand that theres nothing more malevolent than a co-worker telling you to "slow down", "stick with the old inefficient ways", or to "do this, 'this' way, because it burns up more time on the clock". As if money fell magically from the sky, the union thug receives his paycheck in an orderely prompt fashion. It is repleat with benefits you do not receive, with pay you know was earned on the backs of some unknown entity, some poor slaved out shareholder or taxpayer, an anonymous face, or number, a sucker. And when your work week is done, and you squeeze into your weekend perhaps a small tea party somewhere, where you can go and vent, its hot, its rainy, your sign is dripping paint on your drenched face, you think of this thug you are so lucky to work with, who is probably at his vacation home, air conditioned and dry, sipping an ice cold brew, thinking up insults to hurl at you about your "KKK meet and greet". This IS the union thug, the co-worker that we the productive asked to take a temporary pay raise cut, so that the productive could maintain at least half their original pay, or the taxpayers could ask that they at least not see their children enslaved in debt. This is the thug that likes it when you suffer, and work to support his highness, because he is royalty, after all, and your just a willing sucker. This is the type that organizes against the tea parties, calling the mothers with babies in one hand and a protest sign in the other, "racist", "dumb hick", and "teabagger". This is the steam behind the engine of the Obama administration. The feet in the street, extolling the virtues of altruism, as long as "they" collect on it. These are the bastards that we must stand up to, and stop. These are the jackboots of the twenty-first century. They thrive on your inability to argue back about your right "to live, for your own sake". They thrive on your humbleness, your default to wanting pragmatic solutions, your arguements that amount to "more slavery"...as long as it isn't "too many chains", or that "those chains are not too much heavier than the prior set". If the "right" does not to rise up, and take this nation back from these, and other "brands" of evil looters, with MORAL CERTAINTY, than all will be lost. This is why we should never ask for a tax cut of 5%. Or school choice if we are willing to pay for "both" choices, or health care thats worse, but "free". Our central purpose must be the defense of the individual, and the individuals right to live free so long as he does not inhibit the next guys right to live free. This is what the founders meant by "individual rights". They meant this with solid moral conviction. They meant this, or death. To live, otherwise die. To seek the best within themselves as no ones slave or sacraficial lamb. If we do not fight the left, its ideas, and its street feet, will not only rule the day, but we will most certainly end up either just like them, or soon, the slighted carcasses they will leave in their wake. Join a tea party. Make a sign. Come to a rally. The choice is "to live", or to "perish". And time is running out. And by the way, if you work in such an environment as the above, do your damnedest to accomplish even more in less time, this is what really kills their drive to oppress. It saps their ability to be evil when you are twice as good, for the sake of just "being twice as good".

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dr. Feel-the-Need.

Now that doctors are being made into slaves, no one is safe. Which type of doctor is more dangerous? A. The kind of doctor who has had his property confiscated and is being told he can earn a portion of it back by working twice the hours for half the pay, based on patient demands? Or B. The kind of doctor who enjoys being put in chains, does so voluntarily in the interest of self sacrificing himself to the collective will of his looters? Imagine if your profession was subverted like this. Would you retire? Find a new career? Whats happens in your mind when you have been made "less able" by the parasitic hords claiming their needs trump your abilities? Do the goods and /or services YOU produce maintain the same quality? Or quantity? All things to consider as we put the screws to the able in the interests of the needy.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Possible Outcomes

-Last night congress passed what is possibly going to be the largest increase in government size & scope in American history. This morning, their hangover begins. Like a night out on the town, this pack of proverbial teenage adolecents are going to be racing to cover up their crimes, packing evasions of reality ontop of prior evasions of reality, with their proclaimations and decrees growing ever more irrational. Fix this, expand that, tweak this amendment, change that line of wording. Rub head, squint eyes, exhale, curse the very concept of gravity, and repeat.-
There are two possible outcomes of this bill. It either gets repealed as a result of massive public outcry, or, it stands and it delivers us what the morality of sacrifice has always delivered us, evil. If the bill stands, and is not repealed, it will (no doubt) be changed and amended several times. It may shrink a bit, before its ultimate expansion long term. It could be delayed for a time, before it comes back with a new vigor in a few years. It could also be expanded rapidly out the gate, then curtailed a bit later, to its original magnitude of evil. If the bill is repealed, and by this I mean 'in total", it will take a historic political will. It will take more than just candidates running "on repeal". It will take more than a political revolution at the polls in November, it will require a new guard of nightwatchmen, guarding individual liberty ever more as its enemies approach, and unlike other 'swings' to the right in recent history, the New Guard will need to be prepared to move on the offense, understanding that, no war, physical, or intellectual, can be won strictly 'on the defense'.
At this point, I won't write off either outcome. Americans don't take kindly to 'force'. Our government thrusting socialized medicine upon free individuals is at best, the very definition of impractical. At worst, an evil none can look at, much less address properly due to its intimidating magnitude, and gravity.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Should The Tea Drinkers Accept Earl Grey?

Earl Grey is the worst Tea, by far, that I have ever tried. It tastes like dryed & refried mossy tree bark. Is the Tea Party drinking it?
The Tea Party Movement often denounces socialism, and rightfully so. And often times defends already institutionalized socialism in the next sentence. A battle cry at a Tea Party has often sounded something like this..

"Do we want socialized medicine?" (crowd says) "Noooo!" "Do we want our childrens children in debt ?" (crowd says) "Nooooooo !" "Do we want to see them start cutting medicare, medicaid, & our social; security checks ?" (crowd says) "Nooooooooo !!"

Now while it is true that Americans have or are paying what amounts to 12% of their wages into social security, and should collect it instead of starve, this is not, by any means, something we should seek to "conserve" as an ideal retirement. If we are to stop moving to the left (as we have for a century now in America) we need to revisit the socialism security we already have. We need to ask if it is ok to force one generation to pay for another generations retirement. I say it is not ok. It is un-American, and if we keep the socialism thats already institutionalized in America, we are heading toward disaster.

I don't think illegitamitly passed leftist legislation will, in the long run, ever be stopped until we address "all" the wealth redistrobution programs current & proposed. We cannot fight 'proposed' socialized medicine by propping up 'existing' socialized medicine.

The messege to Washington "should & ought" to be : I have a right to exist for my own sake. And that a government that has slipped the Constitutional bonds of securing rights to action, by engaging in other activities, violates those rights.

The question is..will the Tea Parties do this? Or will they just slow down the long term leftward march of this nation? And will our indebted children, and their children, having gone through socialized education for years, as many of us have,and being worse off than us, be able to put up as vigorous a fight as we should & ought to put up? Or will they all be drinking Earl Grey, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm...?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Transparency Comes to D.C.

Listening to Congressman Massas rant against Rahm Emanuel shows that, at least in the U.S. House of Representatives own gym, transparency is on the return. Its sounds like someone arranged to remove all the shower curtains in the Congressmans gym locker room. This was brought to light by Rep. Massas encounter with Rahm, who began yelling at him, while both men were naked. Massa mentioned how awkward having a political arguement with another naked man was. Much of Massas rant is available in audio at Brietbart. Sounds as though seperation of powers is taking a hit, but theres progress with transparency.
Democrats in the house must be asking each other..."whos next on the hit list?" No doubt, no Representatives will be dropping there drawers anytime soon, atleast anywhere near Rahm's reach.