9/12 March On D.C.

9/12 March On D.C.
2009, What A Year !

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Should The Tea Drinkers Accept Earl Grey?

Earl Grey is the worst Tea, by far, that I have ever tried. It tastes like dryed & refried mossy tree bark. Is the Tea Party drinking it?
The Tea Party Movement often denounces socialism, and rightfully so. And often times defends already institutionalized socialism in the next sentence. A battle cry at a Tea Party has often sounded something like this..

"Do we want socialized medicine?" (crowd says) "Noooo!" "Do we want our childrens children in debt ?" (crowd says) "Nooooooo !" "Do we want to see them start cutting medicare, medicaid, & our social; security checks ?" (crowd says) "Nooooooooo !!"

Now while it is true that Americans have or are paying what amounts to 12% of their wages into social security, and should collect it instead of starve, this is not, by any means, something we should seek to "conserve" as an ideal retirement. If we are to stop moving to the left (as we have for a century now in America) we need to revisit the socialism security we already have. We need to ask if it is ok to force one generation to pay for another generations retirement. I say it is not ok. It is un-American, and if we keep the socialism thats already institutionalized in America, we are heading toward disaster.

I don't think illegitamitly passed leftist legislation will, in the long run, ever be stopped until we address "all" the wealth redistrobution programs current & proposed. We cannot fight 'proposed' socialized medicine by propping up 'existing' socialized medicine.

The messege to Washington "should & ought" to be : I have a right to exist for my own sake. And that a government that has slipped the Constitutional bonds of securing rights to action, by engaging in other activities, violates those rights.

The question is..will the Tea Parties do this? Or will they just slow down the long term leftward march of this nation? And will our indebted children, and their children, having gone through socialized education for years, as many of us have,and being worse off than us, be able to put up as vigorous a fight as we should & ought to put up? Or will they all be drinking Earl Grey, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm...?

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