9/12 March On D.C.

9/12 March On D.C.
2009, What A Year !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Possible Outcomes

-Last night congress passed what is possibly going to be the largest increase in government size & scope in American history. This morning, their hangover begins. Like a night out on the town, this pack of proverbial teenage adolecents are going to be racing to cover up their crimes, packing evasions of reality ontop of prior evasions of reality, with their proclaimations and decrees growing ever more irrational. Fix this, expand that, tweak this amendment, change that line of wording. Rub head, squint eyes, exhale, curse the very concept of gravity, and repeat.-
There are two possible outcomes of this bill. It either gets repealed as a result of massive public outcry, or, it stands and it delivers us what the morality of sacrifice has always delivered us, evil. If the bill stands, and is not repealed, it will (no doubt) be changed and amended several times. It may shrink a bit, before its ultimate expansion long term. It could be delayed for a time, before it comes back with a new vigor in a few years. It could also be expanded rapidly out the gate, then curtailed a bit later, to its original magnitude of evil. If the bill is repealed, and by this I mean 'in total", it will take a historic political will. It will take more than just candidates running "on repeal". It will take more than a political revolution at the polls in November, it will require a new guard of nightwatchmen, guarding individual liberty ever more as its enemies approach, and unlike other 'swings' to the right in recent history, the New Guard will need to be prepared to move on the offense, understanding that, no war, physical, or intellectual, can be won strictly 'on the defense'.
At this point, I won't write off either outcome. Americans don't take kindly to 'force'. Our government thrusting socialized medicine upon free individuals is at best, the very definition of impractical. At worst, an evil none can look at, much less address properly due to its intimidating magnitude, and gravity.

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