9/12 March On D.C.

9/12 March On D.C.
2009, What A Year !

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dr. Feel-the-Need.

Now that doctors are being made into slaves, no one is safe. Which type of doctor is more dangerous? A. The kind of doctor who has had his property confiscated and is being told he can earn a portion of it back by working twice the hours for half the pay, based on patient demands? Or B. The kind of doctor who enjoys being put in chains, does so voluntarily in the interest of self sacrificing himself to the collective will of his looters? Imagine if your profession was subverted like this. Would you retire? Find a new career? Whats happens in your mind when you have been made "less able" by the parasitic hords claiming their needs trump your abilities? Do the goods and /or services YOU produce maintain the same quality? Or quantity? All things to consider as we put the screws to the able in the interests of the needy.

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