9/12 March On D.C.

9/12 March On D.C.
2009, What A Year !

Friday, April 30, 2010

Get U.S. out of U.N.

Now that the nation of Iran is on the Commission On The Status of Women at the United Nations, its time to ask.."do we want to continue to fund and lease real estate to this entity"? A young woman was murdered in the street by Iranian police, that murder was shown online to millions. Iranian mullahs (the real leadership there) now have made it punishable, for an Iranian women to "have a tan". We allow these United Nations people to headquarter in New York City on prime real estate. We assume that if we need to defend our shores, we go through these idiots. We fund at least a third of all their activities. Where I grew up, a farmer had a barn with the following words sprayed on the roof of it..."Get US out of UN". Now mabye he was a LaRoucher or Bircher, I don't know, but years later as an adult, I had to opportunity to serve in the military, and to be a part of an overseas operation that put my detachement under direct control of a UN General. I did not like this, most of my fellow soldiers did not like this, officers and non comms did not like this, and it resulted in more injury and death to U.S. soldiers than had we otherwise remained under command of the prior General, a US Marine. Now I understand the farmers painted message atop his barn. Now, we are way beyond having any rational debate as to wether the U.S. should be in, fund, or even confer with, this disasterous organization. Its simply a tool for wack jobs from every gutter around the world, to attempt to marginalize freedom, America, true rights (individual rights), capitalism, and civilisation in general as we know and love it.

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